Advanced Real Estate Marketing: Use Film Trailer for Extra Bang on Luxury Listings

You’ve pulled out all the stops in marketing your luxury property: Published glossy four-color brochures, set up a website with virtual walk-throughs of the interior and presented open houses with entertainment, hors d’oeuvres and celebrity guests from Million Dollar Listing. But competing agents have used the same techniques for their listings. If you want your property to stand out in a crowded market, why not make it the star of its own movie?


We’re not talking one-minute infomercials shown on public cable access channels. We mean Hollywood-style motion pictures complete with a script, actors, director and high production values. You’re virtually guaranteed that no other listing will have this star treatment. Consider the following scenarios to pack an emotional punch while showing off a luxury property:

  • A trailer for a spy thriller with secret agents cavorting in the luxurious master bedroom before escaping from the bad guys by jumping from the expansive balcony into the free-form pool.
  • A sci-fi short with talking foliage set amidst the lush landscaping of the backyard.
  • A heartwarming sit-com centered around cooking and eating in the modern kitchen with its built-in wine fridge and cappuccino maker.

The Wall Street Journal pegs the usual costs of these mini-movies at a percentage of the home’s listing price. They can range from $15,000 to a three-minute short to six figures for productions featuring special effects, fast cars, models, and a high-definition camera. The movies end with a fade to the logo and contact information of the listing agent.

While not a typical marketing device, it’s something special to include if the seller has the extra funds.

Do you have experience marketing luxury listings? What tactics have you employed. Let us know in the comments section, below.