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July 16th, 2013 – in tips salesforce propertybase

If we needed any more reasons to love the platform, we just found one. One of the newest updates for 2013 to the terrific platform that Propertybase is built on, will make your life easier, and your data entry a lot more efficient. Actions, are a new addition that can be set up quickly and used instantly.

What you will see the first time you go into the ‘Actions’ page.

For a lot of agents, speed is more critical than detail, and we all know how much they hate admin work. The less time they spend plugging in data the better, and that is what Actions are all about. Actions allow you to quickly enter data into any object via chatter. Since your chatter feed sits at the top of every record, there’s no navigation required. It makes entering common data sets like requests, new contact, and new listings (to name a few) that much quicker. Just add the action you want, and start using it from your chatter feed, right away. This is an especially great feature for people working on the phone, to quickly enter call outcomes, making data entry paperless, and efficient.

A CRM Data Entry Tool Can Save Time

One of the things we love about CRM is being able to help you intelligently serve your customers. However, we know that CRM is only as good as the data that you have in there. This new data entry tool, helps save agents those seconds, that turn into hours navigating around. Think about a process you or your agents perform dozens of time in a day, like creating a request. Just set up a request action right in your chatter, populate some data, and create. Cut to the chase, and get some actions set up in a matter of minutes. Take a look at our Knowledge Base for full instructions on how to perform data entry faster.

Setup for in Any Object

To enable actions, go to ‘Setup’, and Search for ‘Actions’ or ‘Buttons’. If you can’t see any options to create ‘Actions’ talk to your system administrator about getting them setup. Click on the link for the object you want to setup actions for, and after reading the ‘Introducing Actions’ banner (pictured at top), click ‘New Action’. From here, you can can customize what fields your action will have, by simply dragging and dropping.

You can set up an actions to suit your role, and speed up tasks specific to what records you use most. Back office users might use the form for actions such as creating basic offers or quickly updating the office on a closing, whereas agents may want to save time by adding actions to log call results. As this feature is a platform related one, Salesforce has a large amount of documentation to help you out, and give you specific examples for implementing Publisher Actions.

Check out the full Publisher Implementation guide, or take a look at the ‘Page Help’ at the top right corner of setup page in Propertybase for further articles on customization. So go on! Take this CRM Data Entry feature out for a spin, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Author: Sara Regan