5 Marketing Tactics for Real Estate Agents in 2018

Just when you’ve adjusted to all the important real estate marketing tactics of 2017 – the New Year throws you a curveball! But you can get ahead of your real estate competitors by implementing a marketing strategy in 2018 with the hottest tactics for the new year in mind. You’ll be way ahead of the crowd, so get started today.


What marketing tactics will reign supreme this year?

1. Utilize Creative Distribution Channels

We all know from the past few years of marketing research that content is king. But with more and more businesses focusing on creating this valuable content to drive their marketing efforts, the more competitive it becomes to win the attention of clients and prospects. To capture their interest, you’ll have to stand out.

In 2018, marketers will begin to focus on their distribution channels to do just that. Just posting your latest blog to your website may not be enough. This new focus could mean turning your blog into an eBook, creating engaging infographics with your latest statistics, generating videos as part of your content strategy, or using information sharing platforms like Reddit for an entirely new audience.

2. Making Content Interactive for Your Audience

We’ve previously talked about the future of virtual reality and how important it will be for the real estate market moving forward. But we can’t stress its importance enough, so it might be time for you to get in this VR game. Revenue forecasts from Digi-Capital report an estimated $108 billion in growth for augmented and virtual reality by 2021!

If you’re worried it’s too early to jump on the virtual reality bandwagon, Forbes suggests that over 30 percent of consumer-facing brands will experiment with virtual reality in the new year. That could put you ahead of most of your peers!

And if VR is a bit too high tech for you right now, start with 3-D video or augmented video walkthroughs for your properties so that your potential buyers can truly imagine themselves in a space.

3. Using Live Video to Engage Your Audience

According to Facebook, users spend three times more time watching live videos as opposed to pre-recorded videos. While it was no secret in 2017 that video is an important part of any marketing strategy, live video should take 2018 by storm as a more effective tactic.

Why might live video be so popular? It personalizes the relationship with your audience. There are no formal video studios or curated scripts – it’s just you and the camera, and your audience can get real-time answers to their questions.

4. Building Trust in Your Clients Through Influencers and Testimonials

With the excess amount of content floating around in cyberspace, and the rise in social media presence for almost everyone in real estate, it’s hard for your prospective clients to know who to trust.

In 2018, you’ll need to work on your online trustworthiness by building relationships with established influencers who will recommend your work, or ask more of your clients for referrals and testimonials. It could also just mean more transparency when it comes to how you run your real estate business, and how your past clients felt about their experience with you. The more you can share with the audience, the quicker they’ll begin to trust you!

5. Personalizing the User Experience

Your audience wants to know that you understand them and their needs. If you know they’re looking for a home in the $500K to $600K range, they’ll be disappointed to open emails from you advertising million-dollar properties. In 2018, it will be important to use powerful real estate analytic tools and a robust real estate CRM software to capture critical data about your clients and prospects, and personalize your marketing efforts for them. Whether it’s your email funnel or the blogs you’re advertising to them – they will be looking for a personal experience.

The general theme for 2018 when it comes to marketing your real estate business will be setting yourself apart from the noise of excess content, building trust with your prospective clients, and engaging those clients with more interactive approaches to your marketing efforts.


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