Top 3 Reasons to Clean Your Real Estate CRM Data

The spring real estate season is here. While you’re in the thick of managing listings, attracting new clients, nurturing your current ones and just pounding the pavement 7 days a week, have you considered whether your pool of data is up-to-date? After all, you’ve invested money and energy into your real estate CRM, why let that go down the drain? Data integrity equals relationship integrity (and isn’t that what the industry is all about?). Here are three reasons why you should consider an immediate spring cleaning of your CRM.


1. Bad data could be costing you money

This jumps to the top of the list for all the right (wrong) reasons. Your CRM could have duplicate information, missing vital facts crucial to closing a real estate deal or have outdated information no longer relevant to your agents and clientele. For an amazing visual representation, look at this infographic study by RingLead. Their statistics show that a bad record could cost you as much as $100, but keeping that record clean? $1 per record. If you can decrease such costs, you’re basically going to improve your ratio of cost to profit, right?

2. Keep up a professional image with leads and clients

At its core, real estate is a relationship-based industry. Your CRM is there to assist in cultivating and managing those relationships, making closing a deal run more smoothly and in less time. Let’s face it, those are some pretty important factors when looking at the ROI of a real estate CRM. Yet, dirty data could result in agents going after the same leads, emailing or mailing to the wrong addresses and general inabilities to show that your brokerage/team is at the top of the game with any new leads and existing clients. So get going with the features at your fingertips, like de-duplications tools that will make sure your business’ identity matches its image.

3. Increase conversions

If the previous two points don’t lead you to this obvious conclusion, here it is: spring cleaning your CRM now, will most certainly help you turn your prospects and nurture buckets into conversions later. Spring cleaning your house, for example, allows you to enjoy it more. Same rules apply. If you set best practices to cleaning up your CRM (remember to keep it clean, though), not only will your agents have a more effective tool to utilize (and want to utilize), but your valid data will help them target the right leads at the right time, setting them towards building better relationships, which equal conversions.

Spring cleaning anything could be a daunting task, but it will also set you on the path to success and that’s really the ultimate goal. Instead of going rogue and not paying attention to how your data is entered, make sure it’s clean, introduce a road map for teams and agents to follow on how leads, contacts or listings records should be managed and make sure your “champion” or admin is leveraging top notch Customer Support.


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