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The Top 4 Reasons Real Estate Agents Need Their Own Website

As an agent or broker, you know that real estate is a tricky business that’s heavily dependent on your network and relationships. The real estate tech wave has, in recent years, dramatically changed how those relationships develop and are nurtured. With 95% of buyers using the internet to look for homes, there’s no denying how important a real estate website is to the home buying process. Still, many agents question whether having a personal website is worth the time and effort, and solely rely on their brokerage website as their online representation.

But I’m here to tell you that real estate agents need their own website.


Because real estate truly is a relationship business. And if you’re going to convince a buyer or a seller that you’re the top choice, you need more representation than that pretty agent profile on your brokerage website. Still not convinced? Here are the top 4 reasons real estate agents need their own website.

1. It creates trust for buyers and sellers

Have you ever searched Google for a local Pizzeria and gotten results for Pizzeria A from Yelp and Google, but not found a website? Has that ever made you feel just a little bit skeptical as to whether Pizzeria A exists or not? And have you instead chosen Pizzeria B that has a website and a online menu?

You probably have.

And you can bet that buyers and sellers are thinking exactly the same when they’re looking for a local real estate agent.

With an agent website, you have the opportunity to highlight important trust factors like testimonials, sold listings, and your expertise.

2. It builds a strong personal brand

In real estate, your personal brand is as important as the brand of your brokerage – if not even more important. It’s such a competitive industry that your identity and personality is crucial to set yourself apart from the competition. Think about it. With so many agents out there with comparable success, how will consumers ultimately make a decision?

The truth is people prefer to say yes to those they like. With an agent website, you have the chance to show your personality and get consumers to like you. Inman has a great article about ways to build a strong personal brand, that can help guide you.

3. It’s helps your local SEO

Are you focusing on a smaller and more specific part of town? With an agent website you can optimize your site for local searches, unlike your brokerage which probably covers a larger geographic area.

Let me explain how.

Let’s say you’re part of a big brokerage that operates in all of Massachusetts, but you only focus on selling in Somerville. If a user searches for “real estate agents in Somerville” you’re more likely to capture those prospects with your own website, than your broker site that’s likely optimized for “real estate agents in Massachusetts”.

4. It creates synergy for you and your brokerage

By definition, synergy is a state in which two or more things work together in a way to produces an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. 

What that means, is an agent website and brokerage website drives stronger results together. Here’s why:

  1. Agent branding, brokerage visibility
    A URL like helps your personal branding and provides exposure and awareness for your brokerage
  2. You collectively cover a broader range of keywords
    Think back on our example from #3. When you optimize for a smaller area and your brokerage can focus on broader, more generic keywords, you get more keyword coverage
  3. Outstanding web presence
    Online consumers will think of you as a resourceful agent, and your brokerage as a tech-forward and modern company

Today’s consumer (especially Millennials and Generation Z) are digital natives. Their demand for tech-savvy real estate agents will only continue to increase. If your brokerage offers add-on agent websites, be sure to request one. While you might not think an agent website is worth the effort right this minute, a few years from now you will wish that you had put in the time.