The Evolution of Social Media as Real Estate Lead Generation

The worlds of advertising and marketing have evolved. “Well… duh,… you might be thinking.” But, we don’t just mean from inky newspaper ads to cost per clicks, impression standards and online audience targeting. It has become so much more than that.

Where success in marketing and advertising once meant staged photos and happy housewives, it is now deeply ingrained in building relationships and customer experiences, backed up and optimized by measurable data. Consumers have become savvier and more resistant to the noise of advertising that occupies every element of their lives.

So, where can real estate agents or brokers turn to, in order to reach a new target audience, create significant relationships and build up their real estate lead generation and sales pipeline? Social media of course.



With all the news of Facebook deprioritizing business pages and cleaning up the newsfeed so users see more from friends or family, businesses and real estate professionals don’t just have to get smarter, they must simply become more “social” and join in the conversation.

It’s called social media after all, right? Real estate professionals should be active across their personal pages, interact in Facebook groups and contribute to their local community, not just as an agent or brand, perse, but as a trusted professional. Traditional ads and information posted to a business page just don’t cut it anymore. Real estate professionals will have to have an opinion and a voice, and use creativity in the ad space, like image-based or interactive Facebook Lead Ads, to reach out to their audience and engage with them as opposed to passively posting.


While real estate professionals are building relationships on the vast network that is Facebook, the approach for Instagram is the art of visual storytelling. Sure, you may think it’s just a place for pretty pictures of travels, but it’s the perfect platform to paint a beautiful picture through images and video stories to further enhance your brand and business. Yup, with the recent introduction of IGTV, brands can now leverage the power of long-form video within Instagram. For many millennials, Instagram is the app of choice and let’s face it – they’re prime to enter the real estate market.

Utilizing Instagram or IGTV for real estate allows potential homeowners to research and see a home or neighborhood before an actual visit. Start showcasing a listing or luxury property through beautiful images, videos and meaningful stories, and you’ll be on your way to building a strong real estate business.


At one time LinkedIn was merely a place for people to scan resumes and catch up with their ex-colleagues and their latest gigs. As other social media platforms evolve, so does LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, users are spending more time on the platform and becoming more engaged not only with contacts, but also with strangers through their valuable content and unique value-add to the community.

An intriguing article or blog post about navigating the evolving real estate landscape, or a connection with locals in the community will drive the future of LinkedIn networking. No longer is it about connecting with just the people you’ve done business with, it’s about connecting with the people with whom you can do business in the future and providing real value as a thought leader in your community.

The tides are turning in the real estate industry and across social media. Brokers and agents must be willing to open up to their community, share stories or contribute with thought-leadership content. So take these tips, go forth and be social!

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