New Technology Gives Bay Area Real Estate Brokerage an Edge in Listing Wars

January 23rd, 2014 – in technology

A Massachusetts tech company aims to take the concept of Real Estate listing flyers, and turn it on its head by offering interactive listings — videos, agent and Realtor profiles, images and more — that buyers can view through a unique touch-screen platform in store windows.

The company, imageSurge, has adapted a touch screen application that can be activated through any commercial window. In other words, people walking down the street after hours can walk up to a brokerage and scan through detailed listings and informational videos.

The company’s first West Coast contract is with Marin Modern Real Estate, San Francisco Bay Area brokerage, while others will be announced this month, imageSurge co-founder Oleg Vyadro said.

“It’s not a TV screen, it’s really an opportunity for an agency to engage with their market,” Vyadro said.

The technology can also be used to provide details about open houses and community events, offers street-side usage statistics and uses QR codes, which passers-by can scan with smartphones to get more information about a listing and contact information for agents.

“We work with each agency to meet their specific needs,” Vyadro said. “Some agencies are really focused on branding and marketing. Other are geared toward listings. We’re also seeing agencies use it for other purposes. You can customize content. It’s an evolving experience.”

Marin Modern is the company’s first client, and recently had equipment mounted in it’s new storefront location in San Rafael, in the North Bay.

“We’re a very high-tech, advanced Real Estate brokerage,” said Renee Adelmann, Realtor, owner and founder. “We always try to stay ahead of the curve instead of catching up with it. We wanted something grabbing to the people of the community and would make them think about our company.”

Marin Modern also innovates by using a CRM service to manage business and client interactions, while being a completely paperless, green business. Adelmann said the residents of the community have had fun trying out the technology, and foot traffic has increased at the storefront.

ImageSurge, which released it’s product in 2012 is currently focused only on the Real estate industry, although Vyadro may consider expanding eventually. He said the fit is right because it presents advantages to brokers and agents.

“It replaces a static listing with a 24/7 platform to give you a lot more capability that you previously had: Interaction; two-way relationship with (potential clients); you can begin to capture leads (and) it helps brokers," he said. "Not only does it generate sales leads but (it) also drives listings. This is a tangible marketing advantage.”

Author: Roman Gokhman