Real Estate Mobile Marketing for Business Growth

January 29th, 2018 – in propertybase crm mobile real estate

You can hardly get through a dinner with your friends, family or fellow real estate professionals without someone picking up their mobile phone and scrolling away. As an agent or broker, you probably feel like you’re glued to your mobile device because you’re part of this crazy rat race that is the real estate industry.

Real estate has officially gone mobile. But are you considering your mobile audience when it comes to your business and marketing? Embracing real estate mobile marketing for interacting with your clients and prospects, as well as positioning your real estate business as being “mobile friendly” is going to attract an audience that is already sitting at happy hour scrolling across their smartphones.


How to Leverage Real Estate Technology Tools to Close More Deals

December 6th, 2017 – in propertybase crm technology real estate

Because real estate is largely considered a face-to-face business, it’s easy to stick with what has worked in the industry for decades. Real estate agents often believe they can avoid new technologies and only advertise through traditional methods like newspaper ads, flyers and mailers or yard signs, since they will ultimately be working with their clients in person. The truth is, technology has changed the way real estate moves and shakes, opening up a wide array of opportunities for almost everyone in the field.

Regardless of how you connect with your next client, it’s important to remember that their world is most likely dominated by technology. Sure, some embrace it more than others, but even if your most recent buyer drove by your property and saw the “for sale” sign, they likely also went online to check out the pictures and price before picking up the phone to call you.