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A Client-First Approach for Real Estate Success

March 15th, 2018 – in propertybase crm real estate clients

When it comes to working with anyone in a sales capacity, consumers tend to have hesitations. They immediately go on the defensive and worry about being taken advantage of, scammed, or left in a situation they can’t escape. Unfortunately, this can often be true when it comes to real estate client management. Buying and selling a home is such a personal process tied to such a large investment that it is crucial that your clients know they can trust you as their agent.

While you might know how experienced and trustworthy you are, it’s part of your job as a real estate agent to put the minds of your prospects and clients at ease and demonstrate your trustworthiness. What exactly do your clients need to experience from you to be sure you’re the right agent for them?


4 Unique Real Estate Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

December 15th, 2017 – in propertybase crm clients holidays

As a real estate agent, it’s likely at one point or another you’ve sat at your desk addressing and stamping the zillions of holiday cards you plan to send to your past, current and prospective clients. While a holiday card is a nice gesture during the season of giving, real estate agents should be on the lookout for a unique way to stand out in the minds of their current and potential clients. After all, so much of marketing yourself as a real estate agent is about being more memorable for the next time someone is offering a referral or needing an agent themselves.