Strengthen Your Real Estate Team Productivity with a CRM

We’ve estimated that only 50% (!) of a real estate agent’s time is used to generate sales and new business. For many brokerages and teams, this valuable time is lost to preventable oversights—causing many to turn to technologies to better their processes. A CRM for real estate is the perfect solution to help you and your team focus more on dollar-productive activities. When properly implemented, platforms like Propertybase bring real estate brokerages, teams, and agents to their fullest potential.


Time Is Money – Spend It Wisely With Automation

Okay, so if agents aren’t selling, what are they doing instead? They’re working on typical repetitive tasks, like data entry, that clutter workflow and hinder productivity. Successful real estate businesses minimize this disparity as much as possible. In fact, the right tool can automate many of these recurring processes.

Our development team endeavors to create useful tools that make real, visible impact. Utilize automation tools so your team can focus on what’s important. You don’t need to email every client manually. Configure a templated response for new leads, set up automated drip campaigns for existing ones, and provide your clients with necessary updates without even thinking about it – literally (Set it and forget it)! Automation is one of the best ways to ease the burden on a team and free up valuable time for your real estate agents and brokers.

Equip Your Team With Powerful Data & Reporting Tools

According to a survey conducted by HubSpot, 72% of salespeople spend at least one hour per day on monotonous data entry tasks. We’ve seen this problem in real estate and it’s no wonder—data management is crucial to most real estate functions. From contracts and listings to simple communication needs, data is everywhere in the real estate workplace.

The truth is, disconnectivity in real estate, whether paper trails or multiple software, is holding your team back. Without a centralized collection point, it’s up to your agents and brokers to manually sort through pages of listings and contracts. This process only becomes more tedious when the need arises for accurate data reports or quality metrics.

Collecting data in one location (where your data is safe and secure) means your team doesn’t have to sift through piles of papers to find what they need. Your team can leverage this data to identify problems immediately and make better business decisions. Reports for real estate make quality management much more tangible in the digital age. Brokers can use this transparency to pinpoint problems and improve workflow for efficiency. For agents, dashboards provide crucial information, allowing for serious pipeline control and even healthy competition.

Unify Your Team With Advanced Communication Features

When it comes to strengthening team productivity, nothing is more important than communication. A flexible, configurable CRM will optimize your team’s communication habits, not undo them. We love using Salesforce Chatter and advise many to take advantage of it within our product.

With instant file sharing tools, agents can upload contracts, evaluate listings for clients, and even connect using mobile devices. Brokers can also connect with the team, share action plans with agents, and implement lead routing strategies. The right communication tools will encourage productivity in the workplace while preserving the existing culture as much as possible.

Your Team Is Ready To Reach Its Full Potential

If you’re looking to strengthen your team, increase productivity and allow your agents to work to their fullest potential, it’s time to adopt the right platform for the job.

Connecting Your Business With Scalable Technology

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