Social Media Contests that get you more Likes & Followers

Step up your social media status from average user to full blown master!

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Getting people to like or follow your page can make or break your social reach. When someone sees that their friend or family member is following a brand, they are more likely to check it out!

Although having more followers is associated with having a greater social authority, it is important that you establish a credible account and focus on generating high quality followers. In other words, don’t follow a bunch of random people in hopes that they will follow you back; use your real estate marketing skills!


One fun and engaging way to generate more page likes and follows is through holding contests and offering incentives to your participants. (Keep in mind, the value of the prize should match the effort required for the contest.) In fact, according to DMR, 35% of Facebook fans like a page so that they can participate in contests. followers-1

So now the question is, what are some social media contests that get you results?

Photo Contest

Have a photo contest and have participants send in pictures of their new or ideal home. Photo contests can benefit you in a number of ways, allowing you to:

  • Get more user-generated content for your social media pages and website
  • Get images of listings and neighborhoods
  • Follow up with your past clients

Photo contests are great for all of your social media platforms, but especially for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Video Contest

Video presents a great way to engage social media users. Hold a video contest and have your participants submit a video about what they like best about your listing. This is a great way to possibly even get some testimonial video for your business.

Since video contests require a bit more effort than photo or vote contests, its important that the prize you offer reflect that.

Vote Contest

One of the easiest contests you can run is a vote contest. Have your participants vote on their favorite image of your new listing. Vote contests get you and your listings more visibility. And, they also help you see what features users value most in a home, which can help you when staging homes for sale in the future.