How a Salesforce Real Estate CRM Can Help Your Business

Stop rifling through file cabinets, lugging around a heavy briefcase and scheduling important meetings and target dates on Post-It Notes. Toss out the antiquated system. After all, there’s no longer a need to rely on various programs (and their dictionary-thick manuals) to run a modern real estate business.


Agents who contact clients with Outlook, carry an address book and track sales, interactions and other complex information using Excel spreadsheets aren’t just losing time, but missing out on potential business opportunities.

To stay ahead of the competition – and in this market there’s a lot of competition – agents and brokers can’t afford to pass up prospective clients or allow crucial information to fall through the cracks. Salesforce CRM (customer relationship management) is the perfect crm application for real estate to track clients, manage minute details, and even market listings. The platform, such as the real estate website platform offered by Propertybase, takes the traditional ways in which property is bought, sold and managed – and turns it on its head. Just like Outlook and other communication applications made the Rolodex obsolete, Salesforce Real Estate CRM is revolutionizing the way companies speak to each other and find clients.

Salesforce for real estate puts all the tools a company will need in one central location. Agents, brokers and developers can easily track and manage clients, contracts and focus on closing deals through Salesforce marketing automation. This means less time spent putting out fires and more time using discovered data and analytics to pinpoint where your business could improve (thanks to the platform’s reporting capability and dashboard presentation). It’s really that easy, and why many high tech businesses have become Salesforce Consulting Partners.

Imagine being able to update records remotely and quickly check the status of any client or transaction without putting someone on hold and shuffling through files and indexes. This is already an option utilized by thousands. What’s in it for clients? Personalized attention that will make them feel appreciated.

Without having to click between computer windows, agents can trace people and properties, as well as interactions with both. Salesforce is highly customizable. What matters most can be placed in easily accessible areas, while vital statistics can be easily measured. Propertybase is adaptable without coding experience – automated guides will help you arrange what’s most important.

No more forgotten forms or missed appointments! Because this is a cloud-based real estate management software, there’s never anything to download and zero maintenance. The information is always current, no matter where it’s accessed. Brokers will be able to manage their companies from phone, while agents can stay away from the office, meeting clients anywhere. This allows you to build relationships with clients and potential clients; that’s not just good for business, but for the soul.

And because the platform is integrated with social media channels, you can always stay connected via Facebook, Twitter and other platforms – all from the same window. You’ll be able to connect with your customers, market your brand and analyze your social media footprint. The alternatives are either to ignore that social media matters to a business, or hire an extra body to do what the platform already does.