Real Estate Startups Making Noise in New York

May 5th, 2014 – in technology

According to The Real Deal, the Real Estate industry in New York City was slow to innovate. It was run, for years, by a handful of families and without the high profile status of, say, securities. Or entertainment. However, a group of Real Estate tech start-ups have taken New York City by storm. These startups are pulling in millions of dollars in investment and changing the way Real Estate is handled in a city known for its tough and competitive market.

They're working to provide 3-D mapping solutions that will allow potential buyers to get a real feel for Real Estate spaces. They're providing a crowdfunding site for developers. They're providing websites with searchable databases of available residential rentals. They're connecting developers and landlords with architects and designers. Whatever the individual startup's specific angle, its goals often state a similar notion: It wants to make the Real Estate industry easier for agents, brokers and developers.

These New York startups are networking with each other as well. In 2012, a monthly Meetup event was created. The Meetup now has more than 500 members, including not only those involved in tech, but also Real Estate professionals.

Author: Kyle Murphy