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One of a Realtor’s most common awkward moments presents itself when, while showing a house, the clients point to the house with the for-sale sign across the street and ask, “How about that one?” While the Realtor may not be prepared, she can turn to the RedFin mobile app, which allows users to quickly pull up homes that are active or pending within a 1-mile radius of where they are standing.


The smartphone is an invaluable tool to Realtors, who now have a bevy of mobile apps at their fingertips. These apps help them market themselves better, manage their clients and close sales faster. There are generally serviceable applications like Dropbox – which allow realtors to quickly share important documents with clients and access or edit them from any computer or mobile device – and social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+.

Propertybase also has a Mobile Real Estate CRM. Everything that we offer with our desktop CRM is available on any mobile device. Popular with sales reps and Realtors who are always on the road, this app provides access to critical data, contact information, workflows and much more. Here’s a few more apps that you will find useful.

Zillow Mortgages, Trulia Mortgages and These apps aren’t just for prospective homeowners. Oregon-based Keller Williams Realty, Inc. Realtor Stephanie Coats uses all to capture leads and to post her listings. Realtors can use Trulia to quickly get a snapshot of properties and see them on a map faster than logging into an MLS and searching for properties. That’s useful when clients are sitting right there and asking about specific properties. The app is more accurate than Zillow and Trulia, and because the data comes from the National Association of Realtors, it’s more current. Search results also list the selling agent’s contact information, and an added feature is the ability to see what recently sold in the area. All three apps offer affordability and refinance calculators. Similarly, LoopNet Commercial Real Estate Search offers the same services for commercial property, while Padmapper and Trulia For Rent do so for rental properties. Leah Hyland, broker with Elite Realty Professionals in Eugene, Ore., said these apps are crucial for investors and owners researching for how much a particular property should rent. Both are integrated with Google Maps and feature specific search fields to narrow a search, and show nearby area rental rates.

Supra eKey or SentriSmart by SentriLock: The Supra app replaces the need to carry the Supra Keypad everywhere, allowing Realtors to access key boxes with a phone. While the required adapter is pricey at $45 to $55, it’s vital to Realtors who use it, such as Jason DeBord at RE/MAX Gold in El Dorado Hills, Calif. The Android adapter converts Bluetooth signals to infrared to control the lockbox, while the iPhone adapter plugs into the phone and uses infrared to unlock lock boxes. The free app allows Realtors to log in with their agent ID and use their phone to unlock any home. SentriSmart performs the same functions for a SentriLock lock box.

MagicPlan: Create a floor plan by taking a few photos of rooms with your phone in sequence using the app’s guide. The app adds room dimensions, doors and windows. These can be saved on the phone for free or sent to the client for $3 a pop. “It’s a great tool for clients that want to plan how to place their furniture in their new home,” Stephanie Coats said.

DocuSign: The app is free, and a subscription to the Real estate edition is $15, which allows Realtors and clients to securely sign documents right on your phone or tablet, send the documents and track where they are. With this app, realtors always have the most-current copy of every document.

CamScanner and Scanner Pro: Both programs use a phone’s camera as a scanner, allowing you to save images as a shareable PDF. These programs are useful when a Realtor is not near his scanner, or when a client likely doesn’t have one.

Fidelity Agent or myFirstAm: Both of these apps, one from Fidelity and the other from First American Title, provide in-depth title, escrow and property history records. “(Fidelity Agent) is a great app to have when you need to get a client an estimate of their closing costs or a seller net sheet,” Coats said. “Having this on the go helps the agent be an expert at all times and always give great advice.”

Google Maps: Its uses are obvious. For Realtors, it is a time-saver and oftentimes keeps them from becoming lost in unfamiliar neighborhoods. “When driving clients around to view homes it is essential in order to efficiently find the next property on the list,” Coats said.

Which apps help you do your job better? Let us know in the comments below.