Propertybase Real Estate CRM is a Top Salesforce CRM Application

“Real Estate professionals have unique CRM needs, and the biggest names in the profession turn to Propertybase, and its network of consulting partners, more than any other vendor in the Salesforce ecosystem.” (


It’s been ten years since Salesforce introduced an online app store enabling Salesforce consulting partners to sell solutions enhancing Salesforce’s core CRM software. Today, AppExchange hosts more than 2,800 partner apps that have been installed 3.5 million times. Eighty-five percent of the Fortune 100 have installed at least one AppExchange App, according to the CRM leader.

Since 2006, hundreds of independent software developers have built their businesses by offering and selling unique tools on AppExchange — backed by deep expertise in particular markets. And Salesforce relies on those third-party developers to keep meeting the rapidly evolving needs of its customers.

To mark its 10th anniversary, Salesforce shared with CRN the most downloaded AppExchange apps (Salesforce doesn’t make available total number of downloads) for each of 12 business categories, from education to banking to government to retail. Propertybase is one of those apps.

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