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Getting Started with Your Realtor Mobile CRM App

June 3rd, 2013 – in crm mobile tips propertybase

To kick off the beginning of the month, we’re pleased to announce that Propertybase is now available through Salesforce Touch. With mobile capabilities being absolutely vital to success in today’s real estate industry, Propertybase can now be with you, wherever you are.

For those unacquainted with Touch, the application gives you real-time access to all of your information, with an interface specifically designed for use on-the-go. Touch allows users to unlock the power of their Propertybase data without ever having to sit at their desktop.

This means access to a world without paper, or reliance on coming back to the office to record updates. No more rummaging about trying to find that piece of paper you wrote on, or waiting to get back to the office to jot down the details of a showing. Capture, access, and update all the data that really matters, instantaneously at the touch of a finger, with this mobile CRM application.

Getting started with Propertybase on Touch

In order to get Touch activated for your Propertybase, just switch on the capability from inside your account. Step-by-step activation instructions can be found here via our Knowledge Base. Follow the steps, and get up and running with Touch in a matter of minutes.

Currently, Salesforce Touch is only available for iOS devices, so for all Blackberry and Android aficionados, Salesforce Mobile is still a powerful alternative for your mobile needs.

Check out Propertybase’s mobile capabilities by signing-up for a free trial. You get unlimited access to all Propertybase features - including Salesforce Touch - and a personalised consultation to assess your business needs. Try Propertybase today, to see what a life with mobile CRM can be like!

Switch on Touch in your Propertybase account today, and let us know how you’re using it. Leave your feedback in the comments.

Author: Sara Regan