Propertybase Customer Support Portal Now Live!

April 6th, 2011 – in propertybase

Propertybase is proud to introduce our new Customer Support Portal. This portal was born from a desire to not only offer the leanest most efficient CRM tool for Real Estate, but to serve our customers in a unique and progressive way.

We sought out a partner who not only featured state of the art help desk and customer support software, but also embraced our customer-facing attitude here at Propertybase. The answer after extensive research was Zendesk. Zendesk is an up and coming Customer Support tool that reflects our vision of the future of Web Apps. They provide a lean and efficient tool that helps us manage our Customer’s requests and provide them with information and a platform to engage with each other and with us.

The new Customer Support Portal is accessible from the Support link on our website or directly by going here:

You can raise service requests as before via email to: or directly from the Customer Support Portal by clicking on the Submit Request link at the top of the page.

The Customer Success Center is a set of forums designed to help our users get the most out of Propertybase. The entire Propertybase Knowledge base has been organized in an easy to use manner. We also have an announcements section where we will communicate any new features, Scheduled maintenance or other important information. These features are publicly accessible.

As a user of Propertybase we would invite you to register an account with our Customer Support Portal and enjoy additional features. To create an account, simply click on the Sign Up link in the upper right hand corner of the page. Alternatively, you can sign in using your Twitter Account. This will allow you access to three additional forums. In Feature Requests you have the chance to directly tell us what you need or would like to see in our product and vote for other people’s suggestions. The Propertybase Community forum lets you interact with each other. We believe that our users have a unique perspective of our product and want to encourage them to share and learn from each other.

A unique feature we have introduced is a Forum called Ask an Admin. This forum was created to help new system administrators learn best practices from our team of experienced CRM administrators and developers here in Propertybase’s Professional Services Team. It’s also a great place for experienced Propertybase administrators to share their experiences with others.

In summary, please come over and check out this new resource. Create an account and start interacting with each other and with us. If you have any questions or even better, feedback about our new Customer Support Portal feel free to post a topic in the Propertybase Community Section or email us as

Author: Max-Michael Mayer