Case Study: Kiawah Island Real Estate

Kiawah Island Real Estate needed to take three antiquated systems for managing their business and streamline their company. They chose Propertybase to replace all three systems. Here is how they did it.


##At a glance

  • Company Name: Kiawah Island Real Estate
  • Business: Developer
  • Location: South Carolina
  • Website:
  • Use Case: Kiawah Island Real Estate had their data and reporting spread across several systems that did not communicate, and wanted a central all-in-one system.

We chose Propertybase because we needed a modern database solution, but we love it because it was so easy for our team to adapt to. After years with systems that all worked differently and did not communicate with each other, it’s fantastic to have a solution our entire company uses, from the front-desk to marketing.- Chris Drury, President of Kiawah Island Real Estate


Kiawah Island Real Estate is the brokerage and developer for the stunning resort residential community, Kiawah Island, also home of the 2012 PGA Championship. Many of their day-to-day challenges revolved around the operational difficulties in managing data across three systems.

After years of dealing with three independent systems, each with inconsistent data, Kiawah Island RE knew it was time for change. They had a list of features they wanted as standard, and three major challenges/concerns to address in their search for a better CRM:

  • a huge data migration from three systems
  • data security
  • user adoption

Each pain point was inherently linked. Kiawah wanted to be sure the data would be safe and secure after migration, stored without the risk that it would be lost or corrupted. Additionally, their agents had become so used to old systems, that adoption was a major concern. A CRM solution needed to match the workflows of three old systems, handle the three unique data sources, and have an easy-to-use interface.

##Propertybase as a Solution

After a significant amount of research, and consultation, the Kiawah team thought they might never find the right solution. Then they discovered Propertybase. Propertybase had all of the standard tools they wanted, out of the box …

  • a cloud-based, centralized database for all their business data
  • the data reliability and security that comes with being built and operated on, the technology platform of
  • an easy-to-use CRM for their agents
  • powerful back-office tools

… as well as the capability to solve their unique business challenges:

  • customizable workflows and features
  • the ability to migrate data from their databases, including Timberline
  • integration with their email exchange
  • full integration with their website, for easy listing updates and lead capturing
  • customized reporting to mimic the output of their previous systems

Propertybase continues to be a truly hole-in-one solution for Kiawah, combining all the data of their old systems in one powerful cloud-based platform, with an abundance of new functionality to …

… better communicate and manage our client relations.- Priscilla Duffy, Operations Manager at Kiawah Island Real Estate