Preview of Propertybase Release 2.1 - Coming Summer '09

June 5th, 2009 – in propertybase

The Propertybase 2.1 Release is Coming Summer ‘09. Check out what all the fuss is about.

Release 2.1 is all about two themes: Marketing and Flexibility.

  • Marketing: You need to improve your campaigns to make yourself heard in tough economic times.
  • Flexibility: You need to cut costs by implementing more “do it yourself” solutions.

Marketing Improvements - It’s Time to Get More Aggressive

In times of crisis, competition grows more intense. This is when leading companies intensify their one-to-one marketing efforts. Propertybase version 2.1 will help you create more successful marketing campaigns:

  • Qualify prospects faster and more easily than ever
  • Create flawless email campaigns with the improved VerticalResponse email system
  • Send eye-catching PDF offerings with the new Email Exposé function

Added Flexibility Saves You Configuration Costs

In tough economic times you want your operation to be lean and efficient. Self-supporting and self-sufficient. That’s why we’ve put new flexibility into Propertybase, to help you help yourself. You’ll spend fewer dollars configuring your software—leaving more money free for that expanded marketing campaign!

  • All business processes in the system are now standardized and based on workflows. That means any experienced Salesforce admin can customize them, without the need for expensive outside help.
  • An improved inventory structure lets you load anything— from a flat inventory listing to the most complex building hierarchies—using an easy import wizard. No need for outside technical help.
  • Now you can adapt PDF contracts, booking forms, and exposé templates all by yourself using the powerful VisualforceTM technology. It’s one more way to be self-sufficient in 2009.

Other new features include

  • Mobile: Sell anytime/anywhere with the mobile client for Blackberry, iPhone and Win CE
  • Faster real-time search: The improved property-browser is lightning fast—your sales phone calls just became twice as productive
  • Batch image upload: Now you can upload entire batches of images all at once to Propertybase or any web server
  • Offline client: The offline client synchronizes your Propertybase data and keeps it available on your computer—even while you’re offline.
  • Outlook integration: Your whole organization can become more efficient with the new Outlook plug-in that synchronizes your contacts, tasks, calendar and email with Propertybase.

We’re working hard on Propertybase 2.1 to help you prosper in these challenging times. Watch for a release announcement this summer!

Author: Max-Michael Mayer