Propertybase Keynote - In Search of a Better Real Estate CRM

June 5th, 2013 – in crm propertybase

Last week Propertybase had the chance to give an executive information seminar at the Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa. Learn about our search for a better Real Estate CRM, and how our partners are making implementation a piece of cake.

The Search for a Better CRM

Propertybase was born out of our own real-life frustrations with current products on the market. We knew we could do better, and change the status-quo of CRM for the real estate industry. Our audience took Propertybase for a virtual test drive for a small taste of the limitless customisation possibilities the platform is capable of. We just love being able to share our passion for a better real estate CRM, so we’ve embedded our slides below, so you can too.

Regional Implementation Partners

Propertybase is the perfect solution for the many real estate developers and brokers in the region, who need the ability to run their entire business on one, reliable platform. One of NSI’s areas of specialization is implementation for Real Estate, and we’re proud to partner with Propertybase, in a region of such growth and potential.- Ali Hosseini, CEO of local implementation partner NSI

With a maturing market of buyers, and a sought after locale for residential and commercial properties, Dubai real estate professionals and firms are investing the time and effort in improving their customer relationship processes, and for good reason.

Propertybase founder and Keynote speaker, Max-Michael Mayer, noted “Propertybase is undertaking significant investment in a global Partner Program, to ensure that users needn’t look any further than their own doorstep for Propertybase experts. NSI can ensure that implementation and adoption are successful in your business”.

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Author: Sara Regan