Improve Client & Lead Targeting with a Real Estate CRM

August 24th, 2018 – in propertybase crm client lead targeting

Many brokerages and agencies try to be diligent when it comes to tracking new leads and potential clients. It's no wonder—finding and retaining clients is necessary for business! Real estate agents will spend hours searching for leads, planning new strategies, and implementing marketing campaigns. They also need to manage listings and match clients appropriately. In short, actively running audience targeting is both time consuming and extremely critical.

There are, of course, new technologies in the real estate industry that are shaping this struggle into an area of opportunity. Many teams are turning to specialized software specifically catered to the world of real estate. Adopting a Real Estate CRM & Marketing platform can be a total game changer for you and your real estate team.


4 Tips For Adopting a CRM For Real Estate

August 13th, 2018 – in propertybase crm adoption real estate

So you've decided to adopt a real estate CRM—that's great! But how do you get everyone else within your brokerage on board?

No one understands the benefits of a new CRM better than Propertybase. We've helped hundreds of real estate businesses integrate our platform into their workspace. We recognize that making the transition process as easy as possible is critical for long-term success.

That's why we've devised a list of the best practices and tactics to help bring your team up to speed. With a little bit of insight and effort, your team will be begging for their own real estate CRM.


Busy Season Is Proving You Need a Real Estate CRM

Nothing wakes up the office quite like the busy season in real estate. When business picks up, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the whirlwind of information coming in from every direction. New clients need help listing their properties or finding new ones, transactions need to be closed, you’ve still got a team to manage and you need to keep everyone on the same page.

One of the easiest ways to help increase team productivity is with the integration of a configurable real estate CRM platform. Connecting your team improves workflow, and the right CRM can take your business to a new level of engagement with easy-to-use database solutions, real-time reporting, and more tools tailored for brokerages or teams.


Business Benefits of the Salesforce Sandbox Environment

July 26th, 2018 – in propertybase crm sandbox salesforce

Picture this: a hot summer day, perfectly blue water lapping on the beach. You’re six, maybe eight, and you’re building the most amazing sandcastle. When, suddenly you realize one side is falling and needs to be rebuilt. What do you do? You simply knock it down and start over again.

Jump ahead to today, remove the sand, water and sun. Take a hard look at your real estate brokerage processes. Think about the activities your team or agents undertake in order to complete a purchase or sale. Are you seeing anything you’d like to change? Perhaps tearing out your excel spreadsheets, increasing communication between agents or reducing the number of software programs? Well, with the Propertybase real estate crm, you’d be able to reduce the amount of technology in your office, thus decrease operating costs, utilize up-to-date tools and connect your business across multiple levels to elevate long-term success.


Navigating Changes in the Real Estate Industry

July 12th, 2018 – in propertybase crm navigation adaptation change

Over the course of nearly a decade, the team at Propertybase has had the opportunity to work with thousands of real estate companies of all shapes and sizes from around the world. We’ve learned a lot along the way, which has inevitably gone into developing one of the most efficient and robust real estate crm & marketing platforms on the global market. However, while building a product for client success, we found ourselves looking at the real estate industry and discovering trends, which we relay to prospective and current clients in a consultative approach. It has become clear that a fundamental shift is occurring that will change the role of the real estate brokerage forever.

Traditional brokerages with disconnected agents and processes are scrambling to keep up with tech-focused brands like Compass or Redfin, the latter of which reported 37% growth in Q4 2017 compared to 2016 alone. As Anthony Hitt, CEO of Engel & Völkers Americas, eloquently points out in this Inman opinion piece, the future of real estate harnesses the power of technology. The recent Propertybase White Paper, Navigating the Evolving Real Estate Landscape, illustrates why taking the following steps will prepare companies for these changing tides.