Bring Tech to Your Showings with Open Home Pro

Real Estate agents have been saying goodbye to the note card at open houses as they embrace an iPad-based lead-generating tool. Open Home Pro has become a very popular mobile apps for agents and brokers who like to get their feet wet at showings. It’s maintained a four star-plus rating in Apple’s App Store through hundreds of reviews.


Setting up a new listing in Open Home Pro takes less than 10 minutes. Some agents enter the required information “on the fly” as they prepare for the open house. Potential client enter information on a series of cleanly designed and inviting pages. They enter their name and email address on the opening page. The number of bedrooms desired, and other pertinent information, may be quickly entered on subsequent pages. After the open house, a Realtor enjoys a simplified “lead view” that notes the particular property that has been visited and any client feedback provided about the property. Even the time of the prospective buyer’s open house visit is noted.

The app creates an open house sign-in procedure that is different from the norm. Ninety percent sign-in rates are frequently reported. There is also the potential to impress potential buyers with ease-of-use.

Some dynamic Open Home Pro features:

  • Emails can be sent automaticallu to every visitor to thank them for coming by
  • Collected data is emailed for easy insertion in your address book or CRM
  • Agent-specific questions for broker open houses
  • Simplified Facebook sharing
  • Speedier operation than ever
  • One-click-start

If a buyer responds to an automatic email, his or her additional questions and comments are sent directly to you. Open Home Pro adds another touch point to your contacts with prospects.