intero website mockup

New Real Estate Website Launch: The Intero Story

Every founder needs a garage – find yours. This bold call to action marks the beginning of each visitor’s new experience when they come to Intero Real Estate Service’s newly launched website, run on the Boston Logic Platform. Through their work with 1000 Watt, the premier creative agency in real estate, Intero chose to focus on the passions of their clients as a vehicle to connect them with the perfect home. When they came to us to help make this concept into an experience, we were thrilled and ready to help.

The Story Begins…

Intero was looking for a few things out of a digital partner. Namely, someone that could provide a sleek, user-friendly website for their brokerage and their agents, that would offer a powerful IDX search experience to their buyers, and exclusive listing opportunities to all of their sellers. To manage this experience the system also needed a robust “back end office” that would house the tools to help their agents and clients interact, transact and repeat.

What we Accomplished

The Boston Logic team worked together with Intero to launch their new real estate website, with a clean, updated look and feel. Across the site, the focus on helping families find homes, rather than “selling” is clear. This engages each person visiting the site, telling them a story about the Intero brand and adding a personal touch to their experience.

The Intero website also serves as an invaluable data resource for buyers and sellers. With a streamlined search experience, people looking to buy have access to up-to-date market information from three different sources: MLS data, RPR and Zillow. Meanwhile, sellers listing with Intero are given priority in searches. Their exclusives are shown as the top tier search results and offer more background information than those that are not listed with Intero. By giving exclusive properties, an experience unfettered by MLS rules, Intero is able to make their listings stand out in a manner never before possible.

On the back end, Intero agents now have access to a platform of tools and integrations that seamlessly communicate and work together to help them get the most out of their data. Their integrations with companies like Reach150, Impact Marketing, Cloud CMA and Kukun, continue to add even more value.

Check out Intero’s new real estate website here! To learn more about the Boston Logic platform, and how we engineer success through technology, visit our site.