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Real Estate Marketing Campaign Tracking Feature

July 11th, 2012 – in propertybase tips

Ever thought how great it would be to plan campaigns and see the return of investment in real time? Our all new campaigns module helps you to stay on top of your marketing activities - any time and anywhere.

Plan your Real Estate Marketing Campaigns. It’s as easy as 123.

Our new campaigns module takes it step by step enabling you to:

  1. Track expenses in relation to a campaign you create
  2. Assign contacts to a campaign based on any criteria you choose and
  3. Track the results of your efforts = ROI success.

Track ROI.

Our campaigns module will simply help you answer the million dollar question: Which of my marketing dollars are working the hardest for me? No more guessing or surprises. With Propertybase’s powerful reporting, real time statistics and graphical representations, your marketing efforts and spending will no longer be a shot in the dark. Our campaigns module will always keep you on top of your pipeline, tracking closed and expected revenue.

If you are not a Propertybase customer yet you can try Propertybase with the all new Campaigns feature by signing up for a free trial!

Author: Max-Michael Mayer