Real Estate Task Management & Automation Using Action Plans

May 30th, 2012 – in tips propertybase

By popular demand we’ve added an Action Plan feature to Propertybase which helps you automate recurring tasks.

Standardize your company’s processes.

Action Plans help your organization encapsulate best practices into easily sharable, reusable task templates. A typical example for a real estate specific Action Plans would be to prepare a new listing.

Easy to set up.

Just a couple of clicks and you are off and running. Tasks can be set up with a timeframe, assign it to a particular team member and set up a workflow to deliver a reminder email. The solution is templatized, so if you want to apply the same set of actions to a set of (i.e. listings) you can do so in clicks. Action Plans can include up to 75 tasks and you can create up to 40 plans at a time.

Check our Knowledgebase for more details!

Author: Max-Michael Mayer