App Developer N-Play Changing the Real Estate Game

March 12th, 2014 – in technology

Branding yourself as a Real Estate agent in the 21st century is a daunting task. Between setting up a website, writing a blog, posting listings on Twitter, and responding to comments on Facebook, it’s almost impossible to squeeze in actual work. But a social media service on Facebook called N-Play has found a way to develop an agent’s brand, build a client base, generate ads, and provide account management with just a few handy apps.

N-Play, created in 2011, has developed multiple apps to help Real Estate agents connect with clients and other industry professionals. Mark Bloomfield, the founder and CEO of N-Play, said he has’s little doubt that social media is the only effective way for Real Estate agents to remain competitive against companies like Zillow and Trulia.

“If you spend money on a website, you’re throwing money down the drain,” Bloomfield said. “Websites — and there are millions of them — are like small specks of sand out in the universe where no one can find them.”

Bloomfield said his products offer Real Estate agents a chance to be more than a speck. With N-Play’s five social media platforms, agents can transform their Facebook page into a business page with many tools.

Bloomfield cites the Real Estate Agent Group as an example: Created in February 2013, the group provides a private forum where agents — both new and experienced — can exchange tips and ask questions about the industry. The invite-only group recently reached 12,000 members, making it one of the most popular groups on Facebook for Real Estate professionals.

Krisha Scannapieco, an agent with Coldwell Banker Select in Carson City, Nev., and a member of the Real Estate group, said that as a new agent she finds the group especially useful.

“There’s always good information on there, there’s good discussions (and) it’s a great forum, ” Scannapieco said, “It’s really nice to be able to find out from real people who are really in the business what their honest experience and evaluations are of it.”

Scannapieco and Carol Gilles, an agent with The Real Estate Group in Torrance, Calif., said she likes that N-Play’s apps help her cut down on the time she has to spend blogging and posting on Facebook. But she wasn’t sure if N-Play’s advertising app was increasing traffic to her company.

“I know when I look at a Facebook page (that) I’m not going to click on these things because I know what they’re for,” Gilles said. “If I’m really interested in this person I’ll try to find them on the web.”

Bloomfield said N-Play is improving its ad service. Facebook recently made ad retargeting a tool on Power Editor, which he hopes will make N-Play’s advertisements more effective.

In the meantime, he is integrating N-Play’s services with a new product called TurnKey Suite, a bundle service for apps. He also said to look out for several mobile apps that N-Play plans on releasing in April or May.

“It’s pretty neat,” Bloomfield said. “What we’re doing will be something no one else is doing.”

Author: Eli Wolfe