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CondosCafe Launches New MLS Analytics Software

April 10th, 2014 – in technology

CondosCafe, which provides the Real Estate industry with analytics, market intelligence and social collaboration networks, recently announced a new MLS software platform called Virtual Realtor Analytics. The platform uses big data, as well as MLS and county record information, and offers automatic valuation models that customers can use to research, buy, sell, invest, rent, and manage properties.

The platform supports multiple languages — including English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Russian — and aims to improve the communication gap between buyers and sellers, landlords, tenants, and others involved in Real Estate transaction.

According to the founder of CondosCafe, Elias Echeverri, some of the complexities of Real Estate transactions include the inability to get accurate information in order to set property pricing and to research other locations. There is fear for many buyers, the company stated, when considering investing in property in a different town or country.

CondosCafe hopes to alleviate those dilemmas with software features that create top-down market analysis of an area, including macro and micro Real Estate market conditions, price variations and even trends by location. Reports available through the software include a seven-year trend analysis, previous year sales and listing averages, and sales and listing price per square foot.

Author: David Goodrich