How to Leverage Real Estate Technology Tools to Close More Deals

Because real estate is largely considered a face-to-face business, it’s easy to stick with what has worked in the industry for decades. Real estate agents often believe they can avoid new technologies and only advertise through traditional methods like newspaper ads, flyers and mailers or yard signs, since they will ultimately be working with their clients in person. The truth is, technology has changed the way real estate moves and shakes, opening up a wide array of opportunities for almost everyone in the field.

Regardless of how you connect with your next client, it’s important to remember that their world is most likely dominated by technology. Sure, some embrace it more than others, but even if your most recent buyer drove by your property and saw the “for sale” sign, they likely also went online to check out the pictures and price before picking up the phone to call you.


You must embrace technology to build a successful real estate business!

You would be hard-pressed to find a client that has only worked with you through non-digital means. We are talking about no online ads, no visits to the MLS websites, and no emails with you to discuss their changing needs.

So, as a real estate agent – how do you best use technology to find your next buyer or seller?

Social Media Channels

When most agents think about leveraging social media to grow their real estate portfolio, they often don’t know where to start. Or they are unsure of how it will even prove effective in their marketing strategy.

The advantage of social media for real estate agents is the many channels to showcase your brand for the masses. A relatable, recognizable brand met with an untapped and carefully targeted audience sends ideal clients right to your inbox. Utilize Facebook, for example, to gain clients with Facebook Leads Ads, which capture user information directly in the app. Just be mindful that running ads costs money, but with the right guidance and optimization it can also be very fruitful. In fact, Inman recently provided this great in-depth analysis of Facebook’s current and future impact on the industry.

Web Listings

According to the National Association of Realtors, over 50 percent of home buyers found their new home through a digital channel. Whether it’s social media or one of the many home listing websites like, Redfin, Zillow, etc. people are searching online to make their next big purchase.

It’s easy to let the attention to your listings’ online presence fall to the way side, but using a robust CRM and real estate listing softwarelike Propertybase to not only push your database to, but also pull leads from critical online channels is a seamless and powerful solution.

Email Campaigns and Automated Follow Up

How many times have you browsed and engaged with a product online, only to forget about it the very next day? It happens to all of us. But you also likely remember a time when that product’s company kept you on their radar, and sent you valuable content or gentle reminder emails to be sure you didn’t forget about them – and we bet you didn’t.

With automated email drip campaigns built on Propertybase, you can do just that with your target audience – without even thinking about it. After that initial engagement, Propertybase goes to work for you behind the scenes. They make sure you’re putting your best professional foot forward to remind a contact why they need to work with you – all while you’re out showing properties, attending closings, reviewing open houses, or enjoying some much needed personal time.

Our digital world is not going anywhere and avoiding it will surely hurt your real estate business growth. But one of the main reasons real estate agents shy away from technology is because it’s foreign, challenging or time consuming. That’s where Propertybase comes in. This intuitive solution for real estate brokers, agents and teams performs those important tasks for you, so you can focus on those in-person relationships which you love about the real estate industry. So make 2018 the year of embracing real estate technology!


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