LeadingRE Las Vegas: Real Estate Networking More Valuable Than Any One Strategy

February 27th, 2014 – in miscellaneous events

The three-day Leading Real Estate Companies of the World annual conference is rife with seminars on various topics, such as marketing, software technology and lead generation. But the general consensus Propertybase gathered after interviewing a dozen brokers, agents and relocation specialists Wednesday is that the biggest takeaway was not any one single lesson or theme, but the ability to meet and speak with their peers; to remember that they are part of the biggest Real Estate network in the United States and beyond.

The conference held several hundred specially tailored sessions for Real Estate professionals, LeadingRE spokeswoman Robin LaSure said. They were personalized for groups such as brokers, marketing and technology professionals, relocation specialists and sales associates.

“The biggest lesson is the power of the network,” said Bonnie Veltri, relocation director with Crossroads Realty in Manasquan, N.J. “We have the best and brightest in the industry. I know that. I know that my clients or customers are going to be well-taken care of.”

Of the various sessions Veltri attended, the marketing seminar was one that stuck with her the most on Thursday. She and her brokerage’s leaders plan to implement several of the strategies that were foreign to them prior to the LeadingRE conference.

"Of course, technology was a hot topic (as well as) how Real Estate professionals can use it to better service clients," LaSure said. "I heard several speakers echo that technology cannot replace the human element but that it helps the good ones be even better."

For Susan Parker; relocation coordinator at Comey & Shepherd in Cincinnati, Ohio, the biggest takeaway was a strategy on finding homebuyer clients out of a renter pool. Parker and other relocation experts were given a structured program — with a proven 31-percent success rate. The program helps agents stay in touch with possible clients in the long run, while allowing relocation specialists to handle the short-term communication.

“Agents get consumed with local buying and selling,” Parker said. “They tend to forget they helped a person find a rental. So the relocation department actually takes the responsibility back. And when the client gets to the end of a lease time, typically a year, they reintroduce the agent, who can start talking to them about buying.”

Dallas-based Ebby Halliday Realtors’ Merry Shuck mirrored what we heard from many other Real Estate professionals. While she took notes on new strategies for working with clients, growing technologies and a soon-to-be-updated LeadingRE software platform, she cared most about meeting her peers.

“It’s a very person-to-person business and that’s a very valuable thing,” Shuck said. “ The information we gather is helpful, but it’s the relationships that make things go smoothly.”

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Author: Roman Gokhman