Real Estate Tools: Keep Client Contacts Close With CamCard

June 6th, 2014 – in technology productivity

Have you ever lost a client's business card and had to spend hours trying to find their contact info? The Real Estate industry is about connections. CamCard is one of many resources agents can use to keep their connections close.

CamCard is an app available for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices. It allows agents and brokers to take a snapshot of any business card and extracts the contact info from the card onto a phone.

It also allows you to keep your card with you at all times. You can take a picture of your own business card and create a virtual card that can be stored in your phone. If you need to exchange contact info with a potential client, just open the app and share it with a QR code or use Near Field Communication (NFC) to beam over the data. If you do frequent business in foreign countries, the virtual business card can be a huge asset. The virtual card will translate to the client's language, making sharing your contact info even easier.

The app wirelessly backs up card information to the cloud. Even if you loose your phone, or switch from iOS to Android, you can recover that data quickly and easily. Many professionals use iOS and Android devices at the same time. CamCard allows you to backup your data across devices, even if they have different operating systems.

CamCard is a free download, although a professional version is available for $2.99. However, nearly all of the functionality is available on the free app. If you register a free account, you can immediately scan 100 cards for free and then an additional 10 cards per week. If your scanning requirements are more, the $2.99 might be worth it.

While several other apps allow one to record contact information from business cards. None have the sync capabilities across devices.

Author: Steve Simmons