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It’s All About Website Engagement in the World of Real Estate

Leads. It’s the one thing every real estate company needs to exist—thrive—and grow. Once you get a lead, you have to nurture it. Just like talking, reading, and playing stimulates a baby’s brain growth, communicating and engaging with your leads is an essential part of growing your business.

In today’s digital marketing world, we’re bombarded with ads and promotions everywhere our online activities take us. You may be familiar with the Rule of 7. One of the oldest fundamentals in marketing, this principle states that consumers need to hear an advertiser’s message at least seven times before acting to buy a product or service.

The Rule of 7? More Like the Rule of 24/7

With all the noise and clutter in our social media channels and our email in-boxes, the Rule of 7 has turned into the Rule of 24/7. Google and Facebook dominate online advertising with 70 percent of the U.S. market share, although the coronavirus pandemic has lately caused their revenues to shrink.

Tech giants aside, data compiled by Wordstream shows that four out of 10 internet users follow their favorite brands on social media, and one in four internet users follow brands from which they haven’t yet made a purchase.

According to Mailchimp, real estate email marketing campaigns have an average open rate of 19.17 percent, compared to 21.33 percent for all industries, and an average click rate of 1.77 percent compared to 2.62 percent for all industries.

The takeaway? Once a visitor lands on your real estate website, engagement is the way to get them to return and become a lead.

Propertybase Touchpoints to Boost Engagement

Propertybase offers frequent touchpoints to boost engagement that nurtures your leads. One of the most effective touchpoints is an automated drip campaign. For buyers, you can set up a daily or weekly email with new listings. For sellers, you can create a weekly or monthly market trends update that tracks key metrics like current inventory and average sold price.

Check out our video to learn about four more ways to increase customer engagement. One of the most exciting is our partnership with Boost by Homespotter. With just one click, you have the power to create social media ads for your active listings directly from the Propertybase CRM. With Boost, you can automate digital ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Waze, and across the web.

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Repeated Exposure Is Critical to Your Brand Awareness

More than ever before, realtors are using digital tools and strategies to grow brand awareness and increase lead capture. Propertybase has the tools and services to help you engage website traffic 24/7 by leveraging the power of automation that drives more repeat and referral business. Propertybase clients can also harness the power of our Digital Marketing team to help you get the most from engagement strategies that keep customers coming back to your website. Get in touch with our Digital Marketing team at to find out how we can help you.