Improve Client & Lead Targeting with a Real Estate CRM

Many brokerages and agencies try to be diligent when it comes to tracking new leads and potential clients. It’s no wonder—finding and retaining clients is necessary for business! Real estate agents will spend hours searching for leads, planning new strategies, and implementing marketing campaigns. They also need to manage listings and match clients appropriately. In short, actively running audience targeting is both time consuming and extremely critical.

There are, of course, new technologies in the real estate industry that are shaping this struggle into an area of opportunity. Many teams are turning to specialized software specifically catered to the world of real estate. Adopting a Real Estate CRM & Marketing platform can be a total game changer for you and your real estate team.


How Does a Real Estate CRM Help?

Engaging with potential clients or current ones is simply more streamlined with a CRM for real estate. The right platform, like Propertybase, should include a variety of tools to collect information, search records, connect with inquiries, and automate your client outreach process. The goal with any new lead is to make that personal connection (and log any and all information or data in the CRM). This will enable you to build that intimate client relationship and understand their needs, which are vital to your success!

So what’s the next key step? Being able to create and implement new marketing campaigns, of course. You can manually manage as much as you like or set up an automated workflow so you don’t have to worry. With the right combination, you’ll be able to share the exact information with the perfect client every time and save time doing so. Propertybase will extend your reach and message to a wider audience in less time and with less effort.

Less Steps For Real (Estate) World Scenarios

Firstly, be assured you’ve set up the proper lead management so that new leads don’t fall through the cracks and are reaching the right agent. Next, agents should take advantage of a matching and listing tool to search available real estate property listings that match the request of a new inquiry.

If email marketing is key to your business, utilize a Marketing Center—create and configure target audience lists or build automated email drip campaigns to segments of your choice when it matters. Brokers and agents will have templates, forms, branding materials, and more at their fingertips to ensure that whoever the target, the ideal message is sent.

Send the Ideal Message Every Time

Spend your time where it’s needed most and take advantage of new client targeting tools. Long gone are the days of mass mailings or print ads. It’s time to bring your business up to speed and implement new strategies for the modern customer.

If you’re ready to narrow down your client search, it’s time to adopt an effective real estate CRM. Propertybase is the most versatile real estate CRM, website & marketing platform available on the market today.

Connecting Your Business With Scalable Technology

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