How to Invest in the Right Real Estate Team CRM

Even if you’re already convinced that your real estate organization needs a quality CRM to increase efficiencies and ultimately convert more leads for your business, the task of implementing one can often seem overwhelming.

Most real estate brokerages tend to worry about the same things when introducing a new CRM to their team. Once everyone has their credentials and is ready to get started, will it be to overwhelming to learn? And will it end up being a waste of money because no one will use it? Once you sign on the dotted line for a new real estate team CRM, will your account executive disappear and leave you helpless?


Investing in your new CRM is just the beginning

Once you’ve decided to use PropertyBase as your CRM, our team understands that this is only the beginning of your relationship with us. We’re a proud product company. An important investment in a CRM tool is worthless if your team doesn’t commit to using it, and does so properly. This is exactly why one of the biggest focuses of our organization is on CRM customer service and support. We truly feel that utilizing a CRM is a journey, not a destination.

The critical need for onboarding

We understand that not all real estate agents are created equal and that is especially true when it comes to embracing technology. Our robust onboarding program can include just administrators or your entire team, and we’ll carefully walk through all the bells and whistles of our systems as well as what might work best for the way your organization operates.

Propertybase also offers three different onboarding packages (Adoption, Quickstart and Premier) to cater to our wide range of clients, onboarding requirements, and technical capabilities. In the end, our goal is to enable our customers to quickly realize the value that our technology brings.

You choose how much support you need

While we have aggressive standards for the type of support we offer, our customers can choose how hands-on they would like us to get with the end users. If you want to offer the highest level of support for your agents, a premier relationship can mean an 8-hour turnaround window, call-back support, live-screen support, and regular internal health checks. Don’t worry, we’ll be there through the entire life of your CRM. We aren’t going anywhere.

Configuration is king

What makes your brokerage unique? While it’s likely our solution can adapt to any real estate business environment, it may be that you want something special to reflect your own style of doing business. With the right support team, identify your ideal processes and let us configure PropertyBase around it.

Whether it’s an individual system to distribute leads based on your organization’s rules, a unique custom coding system, an MLS integration, or a complete system development to suit your particular needs, PropertyBase has the partners and resources.

A friend in your customer support team

Our customer support team is far from being the great and powerful voice behind a silk screen. Their faces are on your desktop or on the other side of a video call or phone line. You can opt to have a dedicated support staff member that understands your business and the unique needs and styles of each of your agents.

Here at PropertyBase we do more than just build a robust real estate CRM dedicated to the industry, as a team we are dedicated to the real estate industry…and you. Our strong stance behind our product becomes clear through the passion of our customer success team, and we’re here to ensure you get the best out of your investment.


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