HomeSnap — a Clever Peak into Off-Market Real Estate and a Marketing Tool for Agents

You’ve taken your clients to a neighborhood to show a Real Estate property. They decide they’re not interested, but happen to see another home in the area. It doesn’t appear to be for sale. No problem. With HomeSnap, a free mobile app that uses MLS and public record data, you can get details about the home in case it comes on the market in the future.


To use HomeSnap on your iPhone, Android or iPad, take a picture of the home or use the stealth mode and tap on the home’s address. Within seconds, you can discover the home’s estimated value, square footage, number of bedrooms and baths, nearby schools and other must-have details. You can even follow listings and receive alerts.

With an iPad, HomeSnap allows you to browse neighborhoods using the “explore” option. You can snap photos anywhere in the U.S. and use the “search by address” feature to locate specific neighborhoods for more than 90 million homes across the country.

A “HomeSnap for Agents” feature allows agents to sign up and invite their clients to see their profile every time they use the app. This will expose them to your photo and contact information each time they sign in, keeping you forefront in their minds. They can even tap to connect to you via phone or email.

Using HomeSnap means you’ll get:

…free in-app branding through public profiles, client chat, and home recommendations. The company works with several hundred agents nationwide and has driven more than 10,000 qualified leads to these partners … Also, if agents invite their existing clients into the app, they are not visible to any competing agents.

Homesnap Pro gives agent-only MLS information on mobile devices, conduct custom searches, generate leads to find clients their homes, and help locate a mortgage lender. The Wall Street Journal calls it a “clever, useful, and entertaining tool”.