Why Google Maps is Not a True Realtor Software

March 21st, 2014 – in technology

A friend shocked me recently when I asked what type of Realtor software she was using. I didn’t mean to chuckle when her response was “Google Maps”, and not because Google dropped its support for a real estate listings search in its map applications in early 2011.

Sure, Google Maps has proved to be an inherently valuable tool for Real Estate professionals. After all, countless home buyers browse Google and other search engines for property information each month, and my friend just happened to be building maps of locations and properties by hand to share with her clients. This, in addition to showings, preparing contracts, updating social media channels and keeping abreast of new listings in the area. It made me tired just thinking about it.

Speaking of tired, my friend expressed utter exhaustion at trying to work within the parameters of the redesigned Google Maps. She’s frustrated at the way the map envelops the entire screen, how the updated software can be slower than its predecessor, and how the new Maps can track sun and moon cycles but it can’t give even a basic street view of an address without complications.

I thought I’d throw my friend a bone when I reminded her of the differences between true Real Estate software and Google’s current JavaScript API that painstakingly renders 3D graphics inside a web browser:

  • Sure, the old custom maps had color-coded icons, pins, lines and polygons to define specific neighborhoods. And yes, it was possible to invite colleagues or customers to build onto the same map. But imagine something that allows you to integrate hundreds of apps and services that you might already be using to support your Real Estate business.
  • Realtors need a separate part of Google to store important files, but software from Propertybase will keep photos, pamphlets, flyers and documents organized on the Amazon cloud to share safely and seamlessly.
  • Last but not least, does a search engine help Realtors to generate leads? The right Real Estate software can.

Author: Michael Moore