Google Apps is Redefining Productivity in the Real Estate Industry

February 7th, 2014 – in technology productivity

In the Real Estate industry, these days, it’s virtually impossible to get away with not having at least some kind of online presence. Nearly all Real Estate agents have personal websites with their listings. And they should, as eight out of 10 potential homebuyers are looking on the Internet for their new homes. Knowing this, how can you maximize the time and resources spent on the online portion of your business?

The key to online efficiency is interconnectedness. We all have too much going on in our lives, and adding more online apps and tools often seems to just create more clutter. However, what if the purpose of online tools could be to eliminate clutter? This is exactly what Google has tried to create. Take, for example, the integration of Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive. What used to take a phone call, a large desk calendar, a scanner, and 30 minutes of productivity can now be accomplished in one minute with just a few mouse clicks.

A client can send you an email, in Gmail, asking to see a house at a certain time, and this will automatically connect with Google Calendar. After this meeting is effortlessly scheduled, Drive allows you to send paperwork to the client through the cloud. Before the meeting, Google Calendar has a customizable reminder system that can send emails and SMS notices to users. All of this technology is mobile. So while you are showing a house, it is possible to make any of these tasks from a smartphone.

What’s stopping your company from ditching outdated models of organization and using these online tools to improve productivity? Oftentimes, we hear excuses such as, “Well, this is just the way we have always done it.” In order to continue to be relevant in this online age, you must embrace the change that is already underway. Successful Real Estate companies are embracing this new online method of doing business, and so should you and your business.

Today's blog is a guest post from Cirrus Insight.

Colin Carson is a student at the University of Tennessee, majoring in Supply Chain Management with an interest in using technology to optimize businesses. Cirrus Insight is the No. 1 app for integrating Salesforce with Gmail and Google Apps.

Author: Colin Carson, Cirrus Insight