4 Unique Real Estate Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

As a real estate agent, it’s likely at one point or another you’ve sat at your desk addressing and stamping the zillions of holiday cards you plan to send to your past, current and prospective clients. While a holiday card is a nice gesture during the season of giving, real estate agents should be on the lookout for a unique way to stand out in the minds of their current and potential clients. After all, so much of marketing yourself as a real estate agent is about being more memorable for the next time someone is offering a referral or needing an agent themselves.


Make it Personal

A professional relationship is so much more memorable if it feels like a personal one. For those clients you really enjoyed working with, invite them over to your home for a holiday open house with light bites and refreshments. You may have even noted their favorite hobbies, foods, wines or sports team in your real estate CRM. Capitalize on this personal knowledge that you acquired! If your client sees you as a good friend, they’re much more likely to remember your name when referring you to others.

Make it a Community Affair

If you’re a real estate agent in a small town or you focus on one or two neighborhoods specifically, why don’t you do something nice for the whole community? Throw a block party. Show up with a bubble or snow machine for the kids to play under one evening. For those agents in warmer climates, head over with a cart of ice cream and hand it out for an afternoon treat. Maybe even teach a free class on property taxes or industry forecasts at a local community center. The most important part about building your network is to actually nurture your relationships, and create new ones.

Make the Holidays Just a Little Easier

Holidays are hectic for everyone. If you can make the time to help your clients out during this chaotic time of year, you’ll definitely be a real estate agent they’ll never forget. Stop by with a frozen casserole for one less dinner they will have to cook when the kids are out of school. Arrange for a cleaning service for them a few days into the New Year so they don’t have to do that holiday clean-up themselves. Hire a reputable nanny or two to hold a holiday shopping babysitting service at your office one afternoon for those busy moms with last-minute gifts left to buy. Think about those things that stress you out during the holidays. If someone would’ve helped you out with just one in the past, it’s likely you never would have forgotten about it!

Make it a Reminder

You’ve likely sold a home or two this year to a family who fell so in love with their new house. You may have also sold a few homes to first-time home buyers. Have a drawing done of your client’s new home as a gift. Or maybe just frame a set of blueprints from their new property. Turn a spare key into a holiday ornament. A little reminder of their home buying experience with you and how special you made it for them will keep you top of mind for their next home purchase.

This time of year, it’s easy to fall into the trap of sending an email or mailing a holiday card, especially when you’re trying to reach a mass audience of past clients. But, if you think creatively and consider your client’s needs or frustrations, you can come up with gifts for the holidays that will be sure to keep you top of mind!


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