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Real Estate Profile: Florida Agent Persists in Business and Endurance Races

April 14th, 2014 – in miscellaneous

If buying and selling Real Estate is a competitive race, it’s most definitely a marathon. Most agents don’t close a deal on the same day they find a client. It takes effort, determination and drive to not only earn a client’s trust but then close at a price that makes her happy.

“As with everything in life, it’s consistency,” says Naples, Fla., agent and business consultant Stefan Muehlbauer (@S_Muehlbauer). “With Real Estate, if you don’t go out and market consistently, or give good service … you won’t get the job done. It’s the same as in training. If you don’t consistently train, you’re just going to fail in the end. You have to keep up the pressure.”

The training Muehlbauer refers to is running marathons and partaking in triathlons, his passion outside of business. The agent used to smoke two packs per day, before deciding to quit and concentrate on something healthier instead. He picked up running after watching a marathon while living in Berlin, Germany, which his consulting company used to call home.

“I kicked the habit of cigarettes and started running,” he says. “A couple of weeks later I ran a 5K. A couple of weeks later I ran a 10K. And a couple of weeks later I ran a half-marathon. Just about a year later, it was a full marathon.”

For the uninitiated, a 5K is about three miles. A marathon is more than 26 miles. After he moved to Florida and joined Premiere Plus Realty, he expanded to triathlons, which includes 25 miles of running, nearly a mile of swimming and more than six miles of bicycling.

Muehlbauer didn’t get into buying and selling Real Estate until moving to Florida. His job as a business consultant for Arma Consulting, helping clients with mergers, acquisitions and sales, eventually led him to it. Many of his clients were Real Estate brokers, and to better understand the business, he worked to earn an agent license. Then he got the bug.

“Of course, the South Florida Real Estate market is quite lucrative, so why not expand to that as well?” he asks. “(I) love buying and selling Real Estate, so it was a natural progression.”

These days, much of the consulting Muehlbauer does for Real Estate firms is about technology; separating what’s necessary from what is “nice to have,” and what brings the biggest return on investment. For his own work, he relies heavily on customer relationship management (CRM) software, Internet calling service Skype, and online business tracker Evernote.

“We found that as much consulting as we did, most Realtors did not understand technology at all,” he says. “The good news is that most people understand the need for it, they are just overwhelmed by the different areas technology can take for them.”

Author: Roman Gokhman