How to Use Embedded Facebook Posts For Real Estate

August 23rd, 2013 – in real estate marketing social media

With the announcement yesterday that Facebook has rolled out embedded posts to the general public, we started brain storming ways this new feature could be harnessed in the real estate industry. We’ll try to keep you updated as the feature evolves, but for now, here is the basic lowdown on embedded Facebook posts.

What are embedded posts?

For a long time, we’ve been able to embed videos, tweets, infographics, pictures, and Slide decks into sites. It’s a tool employed left, right and centre, since the dawn of online content creation. Embedded Facebook posts will make this device in content almost completely ubiquitous, and we like it! So why was Facebook missing for so long? Well, we can’t definitively answer that question, but we would guess it had a lot to do with privacy settings for individual users, and the dawn of the Facebook hashtag, which makes categorization and curation of content on the platform easier than ever before.

To address the former point, as you experiment and play with embedding posts, you will see that not all posts have the embed option. Only 100% public posts can be embedded, so privacy settings will be respected. With this in mind, you should double check your privacy settings if you would like to embed, or have your posts embedded. Educate yourself on Facebook privacy settings.

If you don’t yet know how to use Hashtags for Facebook, take a look at this article of usage ideas from Social Media Examiner.

Additionally, embedded Facebook posts cannot be formatted, so what you see in Facebook is what you get on your page - dimensions, alignment and all. While this may change, we are stuck with fixed formatting, for now. For full details on the release, see the Facebook Developer notes.

How to Embed a Facebook Post

Being the very cutting edge social listeners that they are, Hubspot were one of the first places we turned to for information on this new feature, and they did not disappoint. So here, we use their Quick Tips - published yesterday - and demonstrate embedding a post from our own Facebook page.

Step 1

Hover over the top right hand corner of the post until the grey dropdown arrow appears. Scroll down the drop down and click ‘Embed Post’.

Step 2

Copy the embed code

Step 3

Paste the code into the part of your site you want it (we use a Wordpress CMS, so we will paste it into our editor)

Readers can interact with the embedded post, like, share, follow the author, or click through to the author’s facebook page. Go ahead, try it out by clicking on the post above. Just make sure you’re logged into your Facebook account. We wonder how long it will take Google+ to jump on the embed bandwagon, or even if they should!?

Ideas for using embedded Facebook posts in Real Estate

Facebook is such an appealing platform for real estate professionals because of its superior use of visuals. Tools such as Facebook lead generation ads give them a chance to connect with customers, and spread attractive listings with a wider audience. So how do embedded posts make a difference for you in Real Estate? Well here’s a couple of ways you might want to use them:

  • Embed the Facebook posts on a page about the Listing. It could be a blog post, or the listing page. Not only will this give you a chance to instantly get comments from customers, but you increase your chances of getting a like, or a follow, or even having the listing shared.
  • Embed a post from a business in the vicinity of the listing. People will be able to get the know the community before they even move there!
  • Embed posts from interesting events in real estate. This has traditionally been done with Twitter, as it was the best tool in the past, but give it a try with facebook posts. Here’s a list of the Top 100 Facebook pages to follow for Real Estate. You might even want to follow us if you haven’t already
  • Write about your community, and embed some of the best posts from local businesses. Not only will you be able to promote them, but also your own services as a local expert.

This is just a handful of ideas, and we are absolutely sure you can come up with more! What are the benefits of embedded posts, and how will you be using them in content marketing for real estate? Tell us your thoughts below. Remember to share, or like this article if you found it useful.

Author: Sara Regan