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Dog-friendly Communities Important to Real Estate Buyers

March 18th, 2014 – in miscellaneous

Potential home buyers begin their search with a list of "must-haves." That list is changing, however. Dog-friendly environments are becoming just as important as safety and aesthetics for those who own pets. The trend has been acknowledged within city council chambers. Major cities are setting aside generous budget lines to appeal to these residents. Recently, the Dallas City Council approved a $900,000 budget to renovate the city's first dog park. Here are some amenities to keep in mind to reach potential clients who have pets.

Dog Parks with Amenities

Dog owners want access to dog parks. However, not all dog parks are the same. The number of acres set aside and the amount of separate play areas found at the local dog park can be just as much a selling point for a new home as the accessibility to public transportation. Pet owners want flexibility of use. Dog parks that are open after dusk cater to the working pet owner. Complimentary waste bags and convenient discard stations are a welcomed bonus. Most pet-owners want whatever dirt that is collected at the dog park to stay at the dog park which means that a washing station is a coveted amenity, as are nearby walking paths.

Dog-friendly Restaurants

Today's dog owners want options when it comes to dining with their dogs. Dogs are a part of the family and family members like to spend time together. This means dining out together at restaurants must be a viable option. Not every city ias as dog-friendly as Santa Cruz or San Diego, Calif., but purchasing a home in an area that not only has a plethora of chic restaurants, but a plethora of chic restaurants that allow dogs, is highly desirable.

Doggie Events

Communities that truly embrace its canine residents cater to activities for their enjoyment. On the weekends, dog "parents" look forward to outings that will not only allow them to engage in conversation with other pet owners, but they want additional opportunities for their dogs to socialize with other dogs. Many of these events double as play dates with a cause. Often events such as costume parades or photo shoots are fun things to do that raise money for local charities.

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Author: Steve Simmons