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Salesforce Tagline, Salesforce Rumours

November 19th, 2013 – in salesforce events

Our faces dropped. As we looked at our production calendars, we knew our plans would not accommodate attending some of our favourite conferences. So we had to make a sacrifice. To Dreamforce or not to Dreamforce? In the end, our hectic schedules decided for us, and although we can’t make it, we wanted to share with you why it’s such a big deal for us … and you!

Cloud Event of the Year

For those not yet in the know, Dreamforce is the Superbowl of cloud computing conferences. Yes, the Superbowl. At least to us it is. With guest speakers like Sheryl Sandberg, Marissa Mayer, and Deepak Chopra, it’s shaping up to be all about thought leadership in 2013.

Propertybase is built on the platform, Salesforce’s platform for developing custom cloud software and applications. Therefore, the big announcements at Dreamforce have a major affect on us, and YOU. For users of Propertybase, improvements to our development platform will directly affect the usability experience for our customers.

So What’s Going to Be Announced?

While we naturally can’t know all the announcements Salesforce has planned for Dreamforce, the rumours of a completely new Salesforce app are correct. One of the first developments from Salesforce is the announcement of Salesforce1, released in the Appstore today.

The information pouring onto the internet is that Salesforce1 will increase customizability, and introduce a new experience in usability. You can check out the promo video for Salesforce1 below The video is a lot of flash, but these are the key points we (and the rest of the world) are excited about.

  • Mobile Appexchange: It’s the same Appexchange, but finally accessible as part of a mobile app, instead of through your mobile browser
  • APIs for anything: An API is an Application Programming Interface. It allows you to connect to and use the backend of a platform to interact with certain functionalities programatically. Propertybase connects to the Salesforce APIs to use their platform. With more ‘complete and open APIs’ and a number of ‘mobile-ready’ tools on Salesforce1 for developers, apps can be developed faster making the platform a more attractive development environment.
  • Admin Mobile App: More than just dashboards! Now you can see everything going on in your org, without switching between different Salesforce apps. Being able to link up all of your departments and have a main control center for admins has been a long time coming.
  • One button connects everything: Salesforce’s tagline, not ours. The one buttons connects everything concept is a stride in the right direction for Salesforce, to simplify their layouts and make their user interface’s more intuitive.
  • Exact Target Marketing Cloud: With the acquisition of ExactTarget for USD$2.5 billion early this year, much fanfare was made about how Salesforce would use their new addition… Well this is it. A fully integrate, mobile marketing platform.
  • Support Cloud: ‘Service customers at the speed of now’. Real-time customer support is a huge priority for social businesses, so the support cloud will facilitate the faster resolution of issues, and happier customers all round

Tweets from the Front

The tweets are coming thick and fast out of #DF13, so we thought we would showcase some of the Tweets from Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, about Salesforce1.

Benioff will make an official keynote address on Salesforce1 this Tuesday (November 20th), but the release signals a major focus on the future of Salesforce as a platform. Salesforce on mobile devices has been decent (think Salesforce Touch), but never really struck a chord with users. Salesforce1 could change all that and give platform users (such as Propertybase users) a much better interaction experience. More on that though as we learn more.

The agenda for Dreamforce this year makes us really proud we chose the #1 CRM platform in the world to build a first in class real estate CRM solution. Not only are Salesforce keeping up with the times, they’re driving thought and technology leadership in customer relationship management.

We’ll be waiting with baited breath for what the rest of the conference will bring, and busy testing how Propertybase customers can benefit from all of these releases over the coming weeks. Just in case you’re attending Dreamforce, here is a neat article from Hubspot about Networking Like a Champ at Dreamforce this year, so make sure you make the most of it!

So how do you feel Salesforce’s shift in philosophy to a distinction between how you treat the customer v. the consumer will affect real estate? Are you confident that real estate is adapting to this shift well with other industries, and will they be there to ‘greet their customers in the future’? Share your thoughts and philosophies in the comments.

Author: Sara Regan