Smart Use of New Propertybase CRM Technology for Daniel Island Company

Daniel Island Company, a leading real estate developer in the US, explains how they use of Propertybase in their organization and how they have integrated it with their new website.


Here is an abstract of the press release:

For the property search function of the site, the team was able to integrate with Propertybase, a Real Estate CRM application that is built on the Salesforce platform. Propertybase is used by the Daniel Island Company and its real estate subsidiary to manage inventory, leads and transactions. The programmers of the new website were able to pick and choose what inventory data to feed to the site, and to connect the site’s contact form back to Propertybase. Using this existing technology saved significant time and money, and it streamlines the data management requirements of the marketing and sales staffs on an ongoing basis. Properties are entered once into Propertybase for internal operations purposes, and then fed to the website for its search component, eliminating the risk of error associated with double-entry and allowing for real time search on the website. And with contact information submitted from the website going directly into the company’s CRM, sales associates and staff always have the information they need about their clients and prospects all in one place …

Read the full press release here.