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CSI: Customer Success Incubator

November 15th, 2011 – in propertybase

More customers … that’s what every company wants right? We have had explosive growth over the past few months and that’s a tribute to our amazing real estate CRM software built on the platform, our expert sales consultants and to the ingenious ways our customers have harnessed its power.

We’ve all heard numerous stories about companies going through growing pains and how they dealt with it after the fact. Well, we decided that rather than deal with it later we would take the proactive approach and create a team dedicated to the success of our customers. Enter Propertybase CSI: Customer Success Incubator. [Mysterious musical tones playing in the background]

This team is comprised of technical geniuses (Ingo, Doina, and Mike) as well as customer success specialists (Brian and James) tasked with the goal of not only getting our customer’s real estate CRM set up to meet the needs of their businesses but also to put them in a position to thrive!

This is not a job assignment for the faint of heart and we wish our new team luck as they strive to raise the bar not only for our organization but for the entire real estate CRM industry.

Author: Max-Michael Mayer