Configure & Automate Real Estate Lead Management

Propertybase users – you asked and we have delivered! We’re pleased to announce the launch of our latest product upgrade, Lead Routing. This new feature is designed to eliminate the manual time and costs associated with managing incoming leads by providing an automated and highly configurable solution to current and new clients who utilize the Lightning version of their Propertybase real estate CRM & marketing platform. Third-party application costs and mundane manual tasks devoted to managing those leads are officially a thing of the past.

As the global leaders in real estate CRM technology, we’re committed to delivering a product that connects, manages and integrates our clients’ business from lead to close.


How Does Propertybase Lead Routing Work?

Lead Routing gives users the ability to select how each new lead should be routed internally based on their specific criteria, rules or business process. Lead Routing can be configured by any information that is provided by the lead source. Once that information is integrated, the administrator can then choose from three basic Lead Routing options:

  • Auto-Assign – Assign all leads from a specific source to a specific user
  • Round-Robin – User teams will receive leads in a rotation-style model
  • Click-To-Claim – Leads are delivered to the user who “claims” them the quickest

Your Administrator can define notification rules, enable or disable users, and select different routing options based on the lead source. With Propertybase Lead Routing, we’ve eliminated the need for manual lead intervention, allowing clients to benefit from real estate automation. Move leads in real time to the appropriate Agents faster, increasing response time and revenue opportunity. For further configurations, users can utilize Process Builder for even more refined components. Recent studies have shown that proper lead response management and responding within 5-10 minutes carries significant advantages!

How Can I Take Advantage of Propertybase Lead Routing?

Before you can access and configure Lead Routing, you should check to see if you’re on the latest version of Propertybase. Once you are, Lead Routing is accessible, free and easy to configure! Simply follow the steps located in our Propertybase Help Center documentation to get your leads automated today! As always, Propertybase will fully support this feature as an out-of-the-box solution, and will provide product updates and continued value for Lead Routing moving forward.

Connecting Your Business With Scalable Technology

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