Business Benefits of the Salesforce Sandbox Environment

Picture this: a hot summer day, perfectly blue water lapping on the beach. You’re six, maybe eight, and you’re building the most amazing sandcastle. When, suddenly you realize one side is falling and needs to be rebuilt. What do you do? You simply knock it down and start over again.

Jump ahead to today, remove the sand, water and sun. Take a hard look at your real estate brokerage processes. Think about the activities your team or agents undertake in order to complete a purchase or sale. Are you seeing anything you’d like to change? Perhaps tearing out your excel spreadsheets, increasing communication between agents or reducing the number of software programs? Well, with the Propertybase real estate crm, you’d be able to reduce the amount of technology in your office, thus decrease operating costs, utilize up-to-date tools and connect your business across multiple levels to elevate long-term success.


Welcome to the Salesforce Sandbox!

Unlike other crm software available, Propertybase has specifically developed a Salesforce for real estate platform, which allows for consistent operational updates and optimizations. Taking advantage of a Salesforce Sandbox allows users to create an exact copy of their Propertybase account in order to develop and test changes in an isolated environment. Once these modifications are ready, deploy the sandbox and voila! – A configured real estate crm & marketing platform designed to the needs of your business.

What Can I Test in a Sandbox?

In a full sandbox, the copy of the Propertybase account will allow changes to be made to almost any object, record or configuration. Some of the most common types of sandbox modifications made include:

  • Testing new configurations of objects, fields or perhaps a new user experience
  • Developing and testing any custom-coding
  • Performing version migration tests to ensure that updates will not hinder the current account – removing the fear that the account would become unusable
  • Testing new integration partners prior to implementing

Sandboxes are available as an extra purchase from Propertybase (price dependent on total license cost) and run the same length as the license (renewal or cancellation dependent on license contract). With the ability to play in the sandbox environment, Propertybase users have a robust tool at their fingertips to build their “castle” of choice. This allows real estate professionals to connect, scale and centralize their entire business. It may no longer be playing at the beach on a hot summer day, but this is one sandcastle the ocean can’t wash away.

Connecting Your Business With Scalable Technology

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