Build Better Real Estate Relationships with BombBomb Video Marketing

The Internet of Things (IoT) has done much to create connections that span across devices, individuals and countries. You’re either reading this on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You could be doing so from countless locales and (hopefully) you’ll share with others via email, social media feeds like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or send to a colleague on Slack or text message. The IoT has afforded us many things, but it has also given us a lot of “noise” and distractions, causing some to have overloaded on “content shock.”


Here’s a fun infographic on that highlights what happens across the internet within 60 seconds. Crazy, right? 156 million emails (yup million!) are sent across the internet in a minute. Think of your work or personal email inbox. You’re lucky if you only have 2 to check on a daily basis, but what if you had more? How many of those emails would you actually open and read? Or better yet…how quick are you to click out or delete an email upon seeing the content isn’t eye-catching at all?

At Propertybase, we’re all about creating the best real estate CRM experience for our clients, which means we’re constantly evolving our product to meet the needs of tomorrow’s real estate professional. What features do they need in order to cultivate better relationships and stand out from that noise?

Say hello to our latest integration: BombBomb, the leading video marketing software company with specific features for real estate. Text-based emails are no longer as effective as they once were. With the option of video, Propertybase clients, with BombBomb accounts, will be at the forefront of new and exciting digital communications, standing out to leads with the ultimate goal of building and expanding long-term relationships.

BombBomb’s custom video application, including reporting metrics, will be available in both the desktop and mobile app versions of Propertybase. With direct access to the video-creator in the Contact Object, users will be able to build their video messaging within their Propertybase, advantageous for those seeking to save time AND utilize new communications methods. Best of all, with BombBomb’s connection to reporting, Propertybase users will be able to immediately build dynamic reports about open rates and video views.

Propertybase is more than just a real estate CRM & marketing platform, it’s a place to explore team collaboration, and affords real estate agents new ways to break through the IoT noise and become successful. Already a Propertybase client? Check out our Help Center for more information on the BombBomb integration. Not yet a client? Request a demo.


If you’re interested in learning more about Propertybase real estate CRM technology, automation, or have questions on how to streamline your business strategies, please contact us! Click on Request Demo at the top of the page or contact us via email at