Real Estate Workflow Automation Benefits

It can easily be argued that most real estate agents should be spending most of their work hours outside of the office. Whether they are showing houses, touring new neighborhoods, previewing luxury listings, networking or meeting with homeowners to list their properties – time at their desk often means valuable time away from selling.

But it’s impossible to escape the desk or at the very least, the cell phone – right? With endless e-mails, phone calls and text inquiries coming in throughout the day it’s often hard to break away from the phone or office to focus on what’s really important – getting out there and selling properties!


“But I can’t automate any of my tasks! They all require my personal attention.”

You’d be surprised how often we hear this. Busy agents believe that it’s part of their job to personally respond to all of their current or potential clients immediately for fear of not appearing customer-service oriented or missing out on a great lead.

Setting up personal real estate workflow automation processes and responses to your clients will change how you spend your time! Long gone are the days of waking up to the ding of a text message from a buyer requesting a showing at 11 p.m., or frantically responding to leads while sitting at stoplights only to find out they already went to someone else.

E-mail automation is the answer

What if you had a real estate CRM software intelligent enough to read all of your lead notification e-mails and organize them for easy follow-up? Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to manually scroll through to pick out those time-sensitive leads that need a quick response? What if you had a mobile app to manage your contacts and communications? Believe it or not, there are tools that can do this for you.

And if you’re busy at a lengthy closing or tied up with a high-maintenance client, you can set up your incoming leads with automatic e-mails responses so you won’t lose momentum while busy working with other customers. At Propertybase, our Front Desk real estate lead management system takes care of this. No longer will you get back to your desk defeated and frustrated that you missed out on potential new business while you were busy selling.

Consistent follow up equals more clients

Real estate agents commonly miss out on a great deal of new business opportunities by simply failing to follow up. It takes several touch points to build the kind of trust required to work with someone on a transaction as important as buying or selling a property.

Propertybase allows you to drop leads or potential clients into specific buckets based on their needs or placement in the sales cycle. These target audience categories can be tied to specific campaigns designed to convert – all with the simple click of a button. With today’s real estate technology, following up on a lead just became amazingly efficient – the result of letting automation work for you!

Less administrative activities mean more time for selling

If you ask an agent what their most time-consuming activity is, the answer will often be about contracts and commission calculations. And the irony is that these are two of the areas that are easiest to automate. Why are so many agents wasting valuable time on these tasks?

Propertybase’s Deal and Transactions feature can automate your processes for closing the deal, even flawlessly calculating commission splits. Transactions will now have an efficient, systematic approach to them. And offers will no longer take all afternoon to complete.

Are you now ready to take the dive into automation?


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