Australian Real Estate App Hits Milestone

Lauded as Australia’s hottest property mobile app, hit 3 million downloads recently. The app, which is available on most devices, puts the Real Estate search at the fingertips of buyers and renters in Australia.


The International News Magazine suggests that the ease and functionality of the app has lead to its popularity, including more than a million downloads in the previous year — a milestone for the continent which, outside of the major urban centers, is sparsely populated.

With intense competition in the Real Estate mobile app market, what do users love about

  • Users have the ability to search property to buy or rent and save favorites to a user account, making information accessible across multiple mobile devices. Many users access the desktop interface during the week and switch to the mobile app when house hunting on weekends.
  • Users can access the calendar function to save “Open for Inspection” dates and times, making it easy to schedule property viewings on busy weekends.
  • There is a simple user interface to view photos, floor plans and other property information, including agent contact information.
  • Users can search for properties using current location, targeting suburbs as easily as urban centers.

Since its launch in 2010, this app has received several accolades, including a 2013 Australian Mobile Award for Best Migration to Mobile Technology, and one recent review from ITunes called the app the “Rolls Royce of house hunting.”.