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Real Estate Profile: San Francisco Agent Doubles as Pilot for Corporate Elite

April 21st, 2014 – in miscellaneous

It takes a people-person to work with Real Estate buyers and sellers. Without the right tact, an agent will anger or alienate a client, cause undue stress, and lose a deal. Danville, Calif., agent Victor Navarro (@RealtorPilot) has worked in the industry long enough to know that the correct phycology is an important tool in the business. And in a separate line of work, Navarro knows, not staying tuned in to clients’ state-of-mind can lead to much more dire consequences.

Besides working as an agent at Keller Williams Realty Danville, he is a corporate charter pilot and flight instructor in the East Bay.

“When you’re working with buyers, as a Real Estate agent, you have to be able to meet their needs,” Navarro said. “Same thing as a flight instructor or as a pilot. With students, you have to work with their strengths and ply what they’re strong at. A lot of the people I fly … are afraid of flying in a small jet. You have to work with them, such as adjusting your flight plan and avoiding pockets of turbulence.”

Navarro, 35, has known he wanted to fly airplanes since he was a child. He has been flying for 18 years, and commercially — when he started teaching others — for the last 14 years. Now he teaches at California Airways, and pilots for a corporate charter out of Oakland.

“When I turned 17, I got my driver’s license around the same time I got my pilot’s license,” he said.

These days, on any given day he could be helping clients land their dream home, or flying an executive around the world. Over the course of a few days, recently, he spent several days in Munich, followed immediately by a trip to Florida.

“I fly wherever the clients ask me to take them, “ Navarro said.

Whether he is he flying them somewhere, or teaching them how to fly — because they can afford their own aircraft — his clients are typically the corporate elite of Silicon Valley, dot-commers with start-ups, such as executives at Facebook and Shutterfly. He’s also teaching Jessica Mah, CEO of inDinero, an accounting and payroll software service company, how to fly and earn a pilot’s license.

Author: Roman Gokhman