5 Habits For Real Estate Success in 2019

Success is often built on all the little things we do. Healthy habits take time to develop – it’s important to make sure you’re working on the right ones. That’s why we want to remind you to think about optimizing your processes for 2019 to achieve real estate success!


5. Check-In On Mobile

For many of us, our day begins (and ends) on a tiny, pocket-sized screen. According to ReportLinker, over 46% of Americans look at their phones before they’re even out of bed. It should come as no surprise that your smartphone is an excellent opportunity to build productive daily habits. Your team will benefit most from a real estate CRM & marketing platform with a robust mobile app.

Look for flexibility in the software you choose for your business. Tools should be versatile in that they perform all of the necessary tasks while you’re on the go and sync back to your desktop or laptop. For example, wake up to new-lead notifications captured from your real estate website and make any immediate changes, notes, or log a follow-up call before you’re even out the door. Not utilizing a great mobile app? Check out ours!

4. Keep Up With A Custom Schedule

For any business to thrive—especially in real estate—planning and scheduling is key. Whether it’s marketing campaigns, team meetings, or client follow-ups, schedules make productivity in the workplace achievable. The Propertybase real estate CRM provides scheduling tools for agents and brokers that can be automated or synced to popular calendars like Outlook, Google, and Apple. Don’t just wing it, build a schedule your team can work with knowing it’s designed for success.

3. Monitor Client Activity

Finalizing transactions are at the core of real estate success. Agents and brokers need to be diligent through the buying and selling process to make sure each party is happy and compliant. Monitoring client activity will determine what step your agent needs to take and when. That’s why it is absolutely necessary to get into the habit of monitoring client activity on a daily basis.

Real estate agents and brokers need to check the progress of their work and you guessed it—real estate CRMs are up to the challenge. Instead of digging through records or calling a coworker, you’ll be able to check transaction statuses, view lead activity, and request updates instantly.

2. Get Your Nurture On

Over 50% of B2B companies take advantage of marketing automation, according to Emailmonday. If you’re one of them, you know the importance of nurturing your drip campaigns. Keep your clients in the loop and give them the information they crave by regularly visiting and updating your drip campaigns.

CRMs make automated email campaigns easier than ever. You can update your campaign message, make scheduling adjustments, and choose which clients will receive the next campaign message. Developing a daily habit to nurture your drip campaign ensures your customers are well informed.

1. Connect With Your Team

Your team is one of the best around—keep it that way by connecting with them every day. Strong teams are built on a foundation of solid communication. Your team needs to share property information, be informed about client activity, and communicate all sorts of real estate needs. Propertybase provides many different avenues for your team to connect and communicate.

Daily Success Starts With Propertybase

Starting healthy habits can be intimidating—don’t let it be. Propertybase is a leading real estate platform offering CRM, websites, back office and more. We know the challenges of integrating new software and can provide your business with a seamless transition. Try for yourself. Click ‘Request Demo‘ at the top of this page.